Verbal Autopsy for COD Determination

Makerere University platform improves population health metrics through continuous community registration of births and deaths (and causes of death)

Half of the world’s deaths occur outside health systems, even those which occur within the health systems, their cause of deaths (COD) is not ascertained especially at lower level health facilities because they lack capacity to carry out post-mortems.

IMHDSS of Makerere University has piloted and mildly configured the WHO verbal autopsy tools for 12 years and is now adopting an electronic data capture system of WHO tool version 2016. The tools capture Verbal Autopsy data for Neonates (0-28 days), Child (29 days to 14 years), and Adult (15 years and above). Download PDF


Population pyramids

The 2015, 2016 and 2017 Iganga Mayuge HDSS population pyramids give the age-sex distribution of the people in the surveillance cohort. Majority or the broader part of the pyramid are young population below 15 years (48% compares to 50% of the national estimate, UDHS 2016) and the narrow part (3.4%) represents the elderly (60 years and above). Adolescents (10-19 years) make up 27% of the population compared to 24% of the national estimate (UDHS 2016). Approximately 51% is dependent population who are aged below 15 years & those above 65 years which compares to the national estimate of 53% (UDHS 2016).

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