MY INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE AT MUCHAP: By Clara Lindberg,MasterHealthEconomics,Policyand Management,KarolinskaInstitute

photo KI Master's student, Clara Lindberg setting off for field work with the interviewer

In February 2019, I travelled to Iganga-Uganda to write my Master thesis on the extent of Universal Health Coverage for Maternal Health Services using data collected at Iganga/Mayuge Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (IMHDSS). The following is an account of some of my experiences.

Constructing the survey targeting women who had delivered and getting it ready for field collection was exciting and challenging, as a lot of things needed to be thought of. I had great help from the staff at the office, who gave their input, helped me train the field interviewers and transferring the survey onto tablets. I was also aided in retrieving my sample and getting the list for field collection ready, which was eventually successful after some challenges with power outs.

Once data collection started, I accompanied to the field a number of times. I joined a field interviewer who had been working with IMHDSS for over ten years and was well known in the villages. I was impressed by his professional conduct and it was interesting to see how the field work was done, from identifying the households to conducting the interviews. Everyone were friendly and received us well and I got to practice the few phrases of Lusoga I had learned.

After data collection was done, cleaning of the data and statistical analysis began. At this point, I received great support from the statisticians at the office and the Field Manager who aided me with identifying health facilities. Completing the analyses, I got to present a brief of the preliminary results of my study to the IMHDSS staff.

photo Clara Lindberg presenting preliminary findings to IMHDSS staff

Apart from my work at the office, I also had time to familiarise myself with Iganga. An unusual experience was watching kick-boxing and boxing matches at a local youth organization. Having never watched a boxing match before, experiencing it from four meters distance was intense. Those in charge of the youth organization also managed a poetry club and listening to young talents expressing their thoughts and poems was inspiring and moving.

photo Section of Iganga town

It's with a wealth of new experiences I'm travelling back to Sweden and I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at IMHDSS for hosting me and supporting me in my study.